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 What makes a any business better? If multiple places offer the same thing, why does one stand? Many projects from one customer is indication of excellent services of our construction corporation.

Never underestimate the importance of the visual inspects of our previous Projects. Did you know that most people are visually oriented? That means that it is not the phone call that will entice them, not the word of mouth, nor the way they feel inside your facility(which they have yet to be attracted to), but the first look. Sounds simple, but don’t let the simplicity fool you, it is what makes or breaks a business. That is why at Ideal Construction’s we specialize in every aspect of construction, from interior, to exterior, to the little details most other designers never consider. When you work with us, you will gain not only a world-class team, but also a wealth of industry experience. Read about some of our significant Projects we completed below.


Few Construction Projects are listed here:



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What is special about this location? Nothing. But the business is booming and the client continuously requests our services. Why are they so satisfied with us? The devil is in the details. Had this been another box of a store – guaranteed there would be a significant decline in buyers. There is no sign that says, “Welcome, please feel right at home!” But the design says it all. The little post in front of the store is another simple, yet crucial detail that keeps Sodhi Furniture a success and our continuous customer. Imagine for one moment a regular week day, cars speeding by on their way to work, passing by hundreds of box stores, restaurants, clinics— 



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We completed our recent project with Deny’s restaurant, one of the top Restaurant chain in North America. Denny’s Restaurant is one of the examples of our excellent services. This restaurant offers you fabulous dining services combined with our services. Ideal Construction Design and Build constructed this restaurant on international standards. We have renovated and remodeled several restaurants in all over Ontario. Call us for details. 

Several Pharmacies

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We are not only providing service for restaurants and commercial building but also to medical building such as pharmacies and hospitals. We delivered our exceptional services to some of the pharmacies in GTA Our continuing growth is because of trust.


Motels and Hotels

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We have delivered our services such as flooring, Roofing, Painting, Remodeling services to Motels and hotels (for example, Best Western Hotel, Bond place Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Denny’s Restaurants and many more…, ) Call us for details

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